Google adwords fundamental

 Google adwords fundamental

It is welcome to the lesson 14 of this digital marketing must because and today's topic is

Google adwords fund

Google ads in the last lesson we learned about Facebook ads how to run them how to clear

your fourth grade book at we also learned about campaigns ad sets and ads when these w

go to the internet is based are getting so let's say if someone is interested in dogs that get

done then you can target them with ads but Google ads are a little different did you get the

intent based targeting because people are searching for some key words and then you s

that 11 died for the target key words. Yes there are other channels as well you can also do the v

that's on you know you do you can also create display banners so what is Google adwords t

name has been changed with us now the flights are a little outdated but the Google ads

in online advertising so was developed by Google advertise this beetle display believe

advertising copy product listings and video content within double will admit look to have

you with us. This is also consulting and marketing SEM. No this is different from SCO

which is search engine optimization. And if you listen you must have learned that there are

2 sections in the search results first on the top of the accident on people who are being

money to be on the top of the listing and then there's organic listing the free listing video

optimizer that site so that you can bank on the number 1 position after the accident and if you

did this time will be using the log which is the P. P. C. auto paper click in Google lets you be


when someone clicks on your act so that young all of this through an example as well

and will also be creating a new campaign just so that you can understand it easy a brief

history about Google ads at those started in 2000 and we're going to do the ad which says

that is put into another 558 countries took part on it I think that's not really relevant for you

guys but just of you all for the history of Google that's. Other than one Bartlett if you

what is B. B. C. this is a very common question I get off the log that should invest in PPC or

should they vote for it and try to optimize their websites that they can run for the target key

words. Are you haven't missed anything born make take that 70 percent of the people take

on the organic search result why don't you touch people some people are likely to click on

the links note that tells a lot about its you that way if you with extremely important but then

again it has some drawbacks as well thank why should you even bother with the P. that's

when you can that you optimize your website the biggest drawback is that if you takes a lot

of time. Now you have to understand that Google is a company in the in the business of

making money now if the job both for doing if you would have been easier than normally

being to get themselves listed in the moment is that because they can easily do it o

that is where the money comes in but we'll get. They have made a few little complicated so

that it's difficult to land for your target keywords so that people start being money to b

able to get ranked quickly and that'll instantly the second reason why someone should not g

for is who is that going to change are you never know on you update on and that is why

that might come from but with any of that site might be driving 10000 is this bloody and

suddenly the next day you might be driving 100 was dead but it now just because of that that

was hit with a penalty so you have to be really cautious and you really have to learn that once his office you and you have to be very


about issue in order to protect your website from god make changes and also if you take a

lot of work it is not a very easy job first of all you need to learn a lot then you also should

know how to implement it and then again it takes a lot of time not only because you have

to create backlinks and greeting back inside again extremely tough. And although it's very

hard to scale it's time constraint it does not look like that you start optimizing a website

and within a couple of months give up said well done yes there has been cases but those

are very very few. So you don't have to wait for many months I don't 6 months or 8 months or e

multiple years just to get it out because of that and if you're in a very competitive a market t

it could be extremely difficult so people you didn't leave but affordable for PPC and

become be dead without that every day this so here are a few acronyms that will help you and

I think that this will go with that the first is definitely the clicks the number of people who

have actually lived on the pages such as that then there are impressions the number of

planes and I was displayed in the Google searches that they do CPC the amount you are

willing to pay all you will be paying when someone clicks on your advertisement then t

the maxi P. C. the maximum amount and what day that is billing to pay for a single click they

were going to all of this up and we'll be creating a campaign that they see beyond the

cost it would either be the van 1000 view that achieved don't worry if you're not u

this but we will be learning all about it in the campaign level now this is the one that would


on them though so I've been living in the B. that display that is that when completing a

goal was such that the search engine results page sought and there's a quality score this is

a very important metric when you're running well that's not quite as good as Google's rating

of the quality and relevance of board the key words and the PPC ads so whenever that's the

running ads so you are also competing with other advertisers who are also running ads for

the same key words then who will be privatized in the Google ads what is that so


is based on the Google quality score so we're gonna find your quality score depending on the

performance of your ad and that is when it decides on which bids will be shown. Then

there is auto S. services are done that's when the amount of revenue deceived for every

penny spent on the advertising source this will give you the ticket but your whether your

campaign is successful on it is it was a Gambian again that these are a few more

acronyms on days you didn't go with this plan at work is a collection of exciting building


websites they deem it all good and you do that can also be listed on your ads so glad to not j

do it getting upset in the number one position we would also have the network off you do b

I. G. minute section of it you can run your ads as well in my experience I was in the G. email

that's going to work who look better than they give a video died away so I've been testing the

G. Miller during the last few months we will give you a lot of advanced features as well like

easy peasy basically through the building feature that automatically did your bit for the

cliff that seem most likely to lead to a conversion because I think I'm going to give up

that is to drive conversions what would it be you might be selling products then you can

watch and will be people who actually but using the product if you're selling a service s

you'll be having a convulsion in my case the conversion might be getting that you may lead

to the people who are landing on my landing page on TV is another appointment taking

outlets I see give them all your willing to pay for a conversion that is the cost but

acquisition so here are a few of the best practices that have your down here in the slide

of the post office again I do campaigns and ad groups before you start yeah I mentioned

this in the office look at this with that if you're not creating proper structure of your c

you ads and new ads that then it would be confusing for you on later so make sure you

qualify to pop in the me convention proper targeting that you would easily creating your l

without skimping and also don't go target broad audience when you're just starting out w

you're starting out beat Facebook ads or be it up with that try to go over the highly specific

and targeted audience like if you see my Facebook ad you saw their time I was

targeting college students and the people who were interested in digital marketing this was

because when I check the audience insight I knew that the majority of our vehicles quite

astute indicted that he that I created an accident back level and also directly targeting

people who were interested in digital marketing on there that most of the people.


hence I kept my eyes very specific because I'm just talking out but later on definitely you can

create a lookalike audience and you can even go abroad you can even on a as the court

orders as well and also another look at this is to create 7 allowed groups but I'm being a p

make this habit of only creating one campaign and then adding when you one accident only

few outs in that so you should create multiple ad said depending on the targeting with your

campaign and again in every at said you should get multiple ads so that you can test

which ad is giving you the best result testing is the key and is the marketing be it had to be a S

beat landing page everything needs to be tested so that you can find the we know that is

giving you the best way to keep the number of key words but I've grouped only 10 to 15 if it I

think it either then you would be able to see a video project on which adds it is performing

with them and give them hope you would certainly don't 10 to 15 and is another very i

point like stocks Lewinski annual budget on the meeting at the minute we are starting out

make sure you do it slowly don't just put all your money in all the key words in one go the

stock's low lawn and optimize your campaigns of either camp inside running and then push

more money in the opening at all this is all the last point here to be cutting a lot is the focus o

intent in going to war against hi CD I would to the high click through rate is amazing but w

actually making money in the back in those conveyance I use that so let's see if I'm getting

very cheap clicks very jeep conversions but then again if in the back and I'm not making

money the what you clicks of worthless to me right so you have to make sure your driving

cheap clicks at the same time you're getting good conversions in the back and you're a

making money in the back end so that it will campaign is profitable. And also learning the


of a gig where the act is extremely important I'd be showing the videos case studies and

examples as well for learning the art of full equality adds the lives that have been going to

the campaign that will include a campaign so that you can learn more about the and in the s

how exactly will that work little open well that's all you have to do is long one golden and such

but that's see if you can see already videos bans any ads on the Google ads you would as

well lake here you'd see that it being advertised on reddit grow your business with i

and similarly being guides and I brought all these companies are targeting this keyword because this is highly targeted because


is running Google ads they might be interested in reading admitted as well so this is why


bands are running ads on the same so have a good economy I think is that the Google that's

all you have to do is that the one sign in and sign in with the auto email ID I have already

done that step but once you sign into law school for a few days and I think it'll it'll ask

you to create your first campaign it's fairly straightforward though you can do that but

there's also a button called skip while you're doing it so you can skip the part and that it

could go to the screen that I'll be showing you now so this is this clean this is the dashboard o

Google that's it's an updated dashboard they've been changing that quite a lot in the

last few years now this that's what I created just for this video above us I mean that's what i

from a different ID let me walk you through this dashboard faithful I can give you an

overview of his the dashboard here you will see them the performance of the campaign like you can even order to BDS other

automatically clicks impressions CTR at sector right now although campaign is not active we

have just created for the video above us you can also competed with the VDS impressions

he decided sector this will be a rabbit CBC the average cost per click you're getting and actual costs that you are being for that you can even the change the date here like which to

segment of did you want or that you can take a look here late 7 lot 7 days last week it's extra. And here you'll see all the key words so that I've chosen for my campaign so since so I

created a sample campaign for my landing page and launch them up with a free so my

thank you with our digital marketing goals does the marketing pro deal on land is the marketing courses this is why because the intent is the really high even whenever

someone is searching for this on and the lights we were going to on the go with that you saw that I highly focused on the intent of the keyboard John here is a sample of the most

shown ads like you if you upgrade to make it but that it would show you some samples that when I'm at sea is one the longest among the

fleet get 19 V. video lessons no hidden fees also that some discussion about it are these the landing gear that I'm driving the people to so here's it just tells you about how many

clicks at sector. And also you can now get to see how many people actually thought you one

more bite phone stabbed it with his computer and you can even thought the matrix here on 2 different metrics demographics again how

many people are out of the 0 people Armenia's compared to females that correct so it's extra easy age gender and the day and lake which on which time is giving you the best result


this is another important metric let's if people are searching one of the night and that is g

you a better conversion so you can use that as well so this is the basic dashboard and the video of the settings can be seen here like you can go to dedicate to your campaign here

adult level here I just like Facebook had that said so here if you have that groups and then the ads so again the structure would be similar at the top they'll be camping then you can

create multiple assets the current campaign when have you been watching what ad groups will have the targeting like which people you're targeting and then acts are you actually take stats. Then you can also add your landing p

like for me the landing page was either learn the marketing for free schools so this is my landing page again the the key words on the audience you were tied all the key words that y

have selected and so it is a little concealer we won't be going through all of them because then again this video will be gone for at least 6 to 7 US but I'll be giving you know all of you all

how this works I'm more settings can be seen here like if you created the multiple campaigns which one is live in alt and other options can be accessed through here to the section all

yes manager Keeler Bennett extremely important because this is what we will be using fought up landing on the key words that we will be promoting too you can also think it will then that takes the and big studies a

manager there are so many options there but the one important option at the billing and payment because to learn your Google that you need to load up some balance on with

that's an audible what I'd give you though I t

they are also giving you an awful if you're spending around 1500 or 2000 rupees Dave will be giving you 1500 a piece off greater density I'm not sure of it often is that still working or not so just for this listens well but I haven't ordered around 2500 rupees hill and this is your adwords account settings so if

you're calling the customer get a fad what's all you can tell them your adwords account the ID and they'll be easily able to help you out so let's go to the campaign level first thank you to this campaign of DMC which is again a few days the marketing of course so before no showing you what real campaign I think just like in Facebook ads even through the

audience insight to to actually normal all what kind of people that we can target again will be first going to the keyword planner. To find the good directly targeted give us for us 7 click here and find new keywords so let's say digital marketing here. Yeah I think you were still plan is well by selecting all of them are selecting few of them. So this is the key word is the marketing you can see that the average

monthly searches for this Q. what is the in the range of 400000 to 1000000 and the competition is medium the competition here is not the if your competition but rather the

Google ads competition like how many people are actually running ads on this key word and what's the competition like you can see an account that may have already added this s

in my account so I might be using it later in my videos campaigns now this is another important metric over the top of the page but in their top of the page but hiding so does CBC for your ad will revolve in the range of 24

rupees to clean it cut into pieces so this gives you an idea like about expanding capability and how much you can spend to acquire a c

to the minimum amount of oil but it will be 24 will be the maximum might get 10 and 13 you cannot know for sure until unless you start

running that and Google to giving you videos of the key words that are similar to digital marketing like online marketing is directly as seen on the movies to marketing another very high volume so that you hi touch what he what

so we can add this is what internet marketing is there another way to 40 to marketing we can add this you would as well again you can see all the cost per click marketing online

marketing so you can see a list of all the key w

and also the amount that you might be paying for it but the basis you want you can even get is the that is that here do it on 0 and see the other key words this way you can find all the key words that might be related to you like other incentives to marketing let's see if you are selling it out then people might be

interested in basket died on bike it out online. Let's search for this get results. So I get online has a such William off of 1000 and 0 at the top of the page you have been a bit the loading

and hiding Jody walls in the range of 2 to be to try to repeat the card does the marketing the company think you what that is why the but it could it was higher compared by bike it does online does he be seated for this these key

words are that highlights one rupees vital bees on the range is good and also you can find more key words just from the queue what

ideas here and select all the key words let's

say this one this one or this one so to me then I can add to my plan I can create a new ad group what I can. Select any of the existing I'd look and I'd added as broad match fees matter exact match so exact matches of and it was someone is searching only for Diski what will the act be shown these matches whenever someone is searching for this key word along with any other words as well like someone is looking for cheap guitars online in India then the freeze already exist in the product he would which is cheap guitars online in India then the ad will be shown and similarly we have broad match but if you're just starting out of it but for that you highly targeted so go over the exact match foot and many campaign is live and you have some data to analyze then go to the phrase mad in the broad match to again expand your audience so this is how you select the key words for your Google ads on Google that's the key word manta is an amazing tool to find some really good Q. what so let's go back go to auto campaign level. So let's show you the campaign that we have created for example purpose so I created this of the of the campaign you can also get the name here by clicking here well you can create a new campaign making here in your campaign you can also load the settings of an existing Gambian if you have created one are you going to go to a new campaign you can also change the the dashboard by clicking here on the columns all the columns that you want the segment in the report you can also download the report if you want it off line if you want to give it to your analytics guy who wants to check the latest data change the date here. So let's so go to the campaign here have the M. C. which is a free digital marketing goes camping this is a sample campaign I created just for this lessons but both. So here the objective of this campaign was to maximize the conversions soul let's click here we have not on the campaign that is why there is no data here. You can see that though on this the campaign we have a budget of 1000 rupees per day I'm not spent not spending more than that on a per day basis because initially I would want to test the market I would want to know what the exact CBC I'm getting the money that I'm able to spend right now and is it profitable for me what is it not I also be combating this data to the VDS at that advertising channels like Facebook what Arlington it's extra and I'll be seeing the channel is working the best for me so this is why I recommended starting slow and starting highly targeted is the best strategy so we click on that so I'm going to again and you can see that all these key words I'm running my ads ladies the marketing training online is the marketing digital marketing goals this mother glasses of these key words had died at the targeted for my awful which is learning this the marketing for free this is why I've selected these key words. So Hey you can all have also gone here that you're making one adult on the key words here let's check the media's ads on V. have created so big on Addison extension. And let me show you this ad so this is that I've created though this is for ad group of the NC maximize conversions because I'm I'm playing for the conversion campaign. So the key words I'm targeting ID's. This is the U. R. L. of my landing page that I'm promoting so if someone clicks here they'll be going to this U. R. L. and this is my insulin every year creating a Google ad the the VDS option it gives the the headline one this section then there's the headline to both of them have a limit of 20 characters. Then you have a headline 3 off like my headline is want to learn to some other than before he get 93 video lessons no description at this section like you can add the I. 90 character description here again you can add a line to collect their description too this is a new feature added by a goodwill earlier there was no headline to your description to they've just added that is why these new down here you can also check that next up in the white review just like Facebook ads Wonderland is the mark of a fleet of anybody writing Google ads so you have to keep the intended mine and though there are few good practices that you should do it because you'd also be competing with other other advertisers so you have to make sure that people click on your ad compared to your to accompany them I can see I'm offering a free digital marketing goals so for them asking them a question it has seen now and data there whenever you ask a question in your headline B. but I tend to click more for the CD I think it is is that is the reason I've added this question mark make wanted anti smoking for free at 1930 video lessons them already telling them that you will be getting 19 for the video lessons without any B. now the first question that might pop up into someone's head is do I have to be anything so whatever have I didn't no hidden fees that you won't be paying anything for the membership to have private group 2000 plus the active members learn from your home get a job so all the benefits that a person might get from locals I have it in them the just like when we were talking about Facebook ads the text that goes above the image. I don't do that right in the form that it has a lot of benefits and value for the people who what leading that similarly you would want here on Google ads as well you mention all the benefits that the people might be getting so this is how you create the owner of go with that and that they once even the extensions as well you can hit extension but we won't be cutting that in this video not as they showed you earlier that we have created the multiple ads for this ad group so just like on Facebook at you have a best of anything you have to create multiple mediation and see which one is going to working the best so let's click here and see how this one is written. Here I have for the more than 93 with the lessons only kept Lundy's the marketing for 3. And axes 19 videos we have a multiple variations and will be running ads and we'll be seeing vich ag is giving us the best result so that would create a single I'd rather create multiple variations with different calls to action different benefits affect up so that you can see how is your audience so it is pointing to video sets in order to get that you don't have to write that though from scratch you can just click here and click on copy and if we could get a copy of the ad and here you will see all the data related to that is that I think right now the campaign is because that is the reason you don't see any data but here you can see all the data and you can also thought that it according to the video's metrics that you want so Google is getting a lot of option and self loading a good Texas without without skimping so let's create a campaign from scratch and see how it will work so when you click on a plus 6 shown here new campaign now you have multiple objectives you have C. as leads that's a traffic brand of an ASAP emotion down I mean it's again we gonna go through all of these options in this video let me tell you in believe lake if you want more conversions go to a particular conversion goal it could be generating leads it could be generating customers you can go for leads and the campaign types of this particular campaign going will be such a display shopping BDO and smart for me to believe that said traffic because I want people to vote on my landing page I can also create a leave campaign but I want to check it for through the website traffic and being you can also promote your app get more installing interaction for you at so then if you already have an app you want moral installed for that you can clear that promotion so whenever you're building a new brand you would want more people to know about you then you can get a brand of innocent each campaign he said he won't be running that such campaign but other display and video more visual elements like display panels and any video ads this is for getting people to of it about your brand your company whatever services you know you are offering let's surgical if they traffic in being here and again you have multiple options like the campaign type whether you want to show you ads in the search on to create banners or should. The banners you can also create shopping ads if you want or you can run your ads on YouTube as well so my intent here is though to be a touch base that because I want to promote minded marketing goals I click here. Select the video like creature going on you can skip this but it's not mandatory so click on continue another Gambian name again on just like I told you in the office look at speed you as well that your campaign name should be on something that that that is a good idea but it's like keep it F. DMC traffic campaign. R. O. maybe targeting the digital marketing. You can change the name of the whatever you want hi he discovered here for the. Listen published now your video on the show your campaign you're sure that's that those are days though so I can't look back that I've shown on the Google search results and they that it's been it took do you want to show that so on to media so display banners that's extra so I don't want this so I love uncheck it you can take in more settings again the start and then date on you don't want you just you can change it here but these these these 2 options are something that you don't wouldn't want to know. Even if it's giving these 2 options as of now. Not targeting unknown audiences you can select on the countries you want I wanted to be shown in India or you can change of it is the location I do that here in India. Language I gave it to English I don't want to be sure Max to him the audience hidden audience you can also upload your audience if you already have an audience though just like a little bit said look we would also give you a big sale that you can install on your website and from there you can build multiple audiences and then send the ads on similar audience for them now let's talk about budget like how much money you having to spend on a each day basis let's say I want to spend 0 apiece buddy. Our delivery method standard exited the different these 2 options is that if you do standard then your ad will be shown throughout the day but if you do that validated and then you add will be shown in the least time possible so all you would act but it will be spent within a couple of us and not to Daddy so do whatever option not to to the best betting our betting then you can go for conversions conversion value of clicks clicks is when you want people to click on your ad and drive traffic conversion is that Google will automatically you with its AI and I tried to find people who actually going to work but this is the again depending on time because Google needs enough data enough audience to be able to understand what kind of people that actually converting so you can go **** lexicon was in whichever suits you the best I have created the campaign for conversion let's let conversion here you can also check media the settings the ads could you would you want it all day aggravation choose the best performing at so you as I told you that you would be creating multiple ad sets and multiple ads to choose the best performing ad in the make it though the primary one. These are the media's extensions that are shown below that you can add them as well. The IV decide lingo extensions going out extension call extension yes they do help in getting higher click through rate and whenever you look the creating the act I highly recommend that you create though the extensions as well. So you can check more about it I did a more comprehensive review on Google ads and of in there I can get covered all this extension as well but for the simplicity but wasn't just because you're starting over with that I won't be covering them because of the way that would be very confusing for you guys so this is what you have selected let's click save and continue this is the campaign level let's go to the ad group level mama again with C. F. D. M. C.. And the digital marketing interest. Well that is the marketing he was I'm just writing anything here you don't have to but I do it at group level like this but he should fall fun up opposite of structure. So I'll add my key words here are like the highlight of the digital marketing. Gould says now you can select all the key words the. From if you were gonna say what is elected the media ski what's again that's way back it means exact match this means that but I'm also someone who was searching for only these 3 key words and this particular order then my ad be shown if you added in the double quotes then freeze match this is the if I would have added here to work with like this. Then if someone is searching for digital marketing courses in Delhi even then the ad will be shown right because the 3 that these matches that you what we did is the marketing courses and similarly if you call with a broad match then it not get us to a much wider audience so we'll be going only for the exact match because I want a highly targeted audience who might actually be interested in on what I can create a free as much as well because if someone is searching for digital marketing courses be it in any other city audible as well again that is the target audience for me so does marketing or DL courses. Free digital marketing goals. Philip you can add all the key words that you think I had a living donor to your product or service is whatever you're promoting you can create a new ad group as well if you want to get my blood groups so this makes it much more easier you can I have been recommended to create the list of allowed groups so that you can guess which one is performing the best. Similarly obviously get him and the saving continue. Here you will be creating add ons so here you can create multiple aspect I can hear like new anyway. So that's the click here I will be selecting my learning because you water which is the lowest among for free and the added here. Helen section I loved the 12 lawn. Digital marketing for free. Get 19. 50 VDO lessons. I believe this part because I just wanna show Uncle otherwise or Dan you can also add like 3 chords here. Just to add another at a key word for the. But description but again at the main benefits Laker joined to. 1000 other members. No hidden fees. And digital marketing. Okay idea guidance. But with all the benefits that I'm offering for this will again help you in getting more clicks because after reading the headline people will read the description but then you look at the more descriptions and add another description here and don't use their this is more than once stuff so believe that so this is how you can create the ads even continue. So click down here you can also create a new ad Hey you can directly copy the ad and make changes by clicking here like I can get him out and make the changes let's see I just make 5000 just 2 for this purpose done you can again copy that that makes it much more much simpler so click on save and continue. So Doug Wheeler that's good it had data shown here so you can ordered school capitalization you have to keep all in lowercase so like here I have added so much capitalization and keep it in the lower case so who will give giving you'll all these again. Okay the second act 5 genitalia so. Let's get done all 7 continue. Now the confirmation this is a campaign is that idea of your camp in somebody so a lot of them being the start of our sixth Feb ready the budget is 1000 rupees per day the strategy is maximum conversion because that one will convert you from my campaign the goal is traffic and continue to campaign so this is the the company will become live hi. I don't want to run it so I just bought it. Again you can go to the. Overview section. And you can select a campaigns there like I've created this service the marketing campaign you can also chancellor to campaign here I have a choose this one. And I have built pause it because I don't want to run it right now. Right now doesn't have any data that's why it's not showing anything in the dashboard hello sort of liberals estates a couple of us and within a couple of why your campaign will be activated auto will be giving your accommodation by the campaign was not though at made active. So after this if you if you don't have the budget to add the money by clicking on bidding and sacked the billing and payment and your campaign would be active and within a few days you'll start seeing a lot of data here they going clicks impressions which you without giving you the best result Vicki what is giving you the maximum conversion you can also set up your pixel by copy pasting that we would expect they don't give up say this will help you in tracking and creating an audience as well just like we created a custom audience in Facebook similar to that so this was an overview of Google that's how to run your photos will act and I hope I was able to clearly tell you ways everything it might look a little complex because this is the first time you are running ads but once you start doing it though you'll find it very easy this is why I'm a big proponent of practicing the smiling something that you cannot learn just through watching videos or reading blog posts you need to be really actively invest yourself and practice everything in order to become a master at it today though this will hit a man in the video and if you have any questions asked in the Facebook comments of the Facebook group and all even in the Facebook live session and I'll answer all your questions so I see in the next 11 days but that's all the devil who will that work I hope it will not too complicated for you with that what you thought customer acquisition my data out of the reason I traffic to your site so if you are talking all about it in the next lesson

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