What is social media marketing introduction

What is social media marketing introduction What is social media marketing introduction

Well this is one of my favorite subjects and I have been teaching social media marketing for quite some time and I'm going to briefly take you to what exactly social media and why should you invest in social media marketing head into these listen I'm going to share with you 6 approaches to social media marketing which most of the plans for you and I believe after watching the session you will also stop taking social media marketing quickly CC for your business. No what is social media marketing using the potential of social media platforms to leverage back if your business is basically social media marketing. Social media channels when not made for business. 

Social media channels and not made for business but then when people started spending more time on social media channels the band's topic finding an opportunity to reach out to them I'm asking when these platforms created opportunities to reach out to customers are your audiences to the needs of business beaches to the means of advertisements social media became all the more popular team to date everybody talks about social media today we all spend majority of her time on the show. Not just this even plans have increased their budgets in social media advertising with social media marketing social media has a waste on future right from a career perspective right from a marketing point of view right some social media synergies between different brands out there there's a lot more innovation which is taking place on this platform. Now let's look at how I classified these 2.

 No W. social networking platforms across the board and day many of them I mean you just we just gonna keep counting that dad the spending but then popular ones are very few and the all that matters to him. When we talk about social media the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook and Twitter and linkedin it's been dressed not sad Instagram blog and YouTube. 

All of the social networking sites are equally important because these are the best of all the other solution we get chance out there. I classify these social media marketing tools in format of blog and YouTube linkedin Twitter Facebook as social networking platform blogging YouTube as social publishing platform and been diced Snapchat and Instagram is full please be social networking platform this question to be put in my book shops across the country on which do you think is most important social networking associate publishing awful to be station networking a lot of them sees all of these some of the sea some of them see social networking is one important in social publishing and maybe few of them see social publishing is more important than social networking. 

Now some a business perspective yes 8 the only depends upon what kind of business do mean you on according to data you would probably be deciding what is very important it's it's it's a consumer business if it's a B. 2 C. business then you'll be majorly focusing on Facebook total and it's a B. 2 B. business day before focusing on blog YouTube in Lincoln but you see what aiming to become an instant market till then you might want to first establish a strong presence on social publishing platforms like blogging YouTube because this becomes the top line also internet marketing scenario when is the top line I mean it becomes a base of people would jump and reach out to other social networking platforms and they would like to ask you.

 The 2 out of why you should be a marketing lastly depends upon what do you want to consumers to do either they subscribe to your channel all day make a visit to your blog update joining your 7 also there's something that you need to tend to be decided. So in that way you'll be seeking calculate the traffic coming to your blog visitors coming to YouTube channel the subscribers to YouTube channel to subscribe to our blog as one of the social media marketing efforts. Social networking is equally important but all this a member social networking has its own way it's in its own way. But all this a mobile social networking is in its own one which means whatever happens on Facebook stays on Facebook whatever happens on Twitter stays on Twitter it is not discoverable on the platforms which means when you're trying to sort something conclude your updates on social networking sites will not be appearing on your Google searches this basically makes your content goes deep because it's not discoverable after it goes down the timeline I'm the something's not going right so what happens when you put your foot in social publishing which is blogging and YouTube you're still the scramble off the US because your content might be on the top page of Google people might still discover your content because you have the sent it and then I'll give it an a masterpiece but still holds value and is on top you just go with it but it does not collectibles you do when people are trying to search for it so you social brandishing holds value their social networking might create a quick impact for the content that you're trying to post across all you need to push it to the right audience so you can buy your reach on me could be to the relevant audience hence social networking is important for the B. social networking is and your dog the U. the country across England we see a lot of people using print dress knapsack to Instagram. 

In India Instagram is dominating would come back to production Snapchat. This is quite a popular tune with the teams out here. That is Instagram is slowly becoming popular with Matt young audience it's becoming popular with the ladies out there so if you go into business ventures into traveling to demean education hold axis cities and something which is a fancy then you might want to use the social networking platform so you can show some amazing pictures to the audience out there said social publishing what's the social networking hi I'm full to be social okay sometimes this is saying sometimes it works on its own so you have to decide what works best for you posted brand actually is your business. Let's look at some of the statistics I'm not the guy off numbers so I love to share stories so just look at it total population of 7.4 7000000000 affects about 2.73 use internet almost 50 percentage off the global audience use internet today I know this almost 2.79 is active on social media channels which is quite a huge number.

 In India alone we have about. 460 2000000 internet users at this point of time and this is expected to reach about 500 to 600 by the end of 2017 all of this we have about 190 9000000 up social media users and that would be about 210 if I look at the current status is about 210000000 Facebook users at this time and which is a good number social media is almost 50 percentage of total internet population in this country so if in India about 500000000 people use internet in almost 200 to 250000000 people used Facebook which is already a good number to look at the social media is growing people have been spending time here people have been enjoying the times I'll kill it's become the mortals entertainment for many of them it's become the most of the cost of being exposed on the mood of showing off as a platform so so many social media to become the likes it to kind of personalities today guys 1 your real personality to the social media personality people that's something that's on social media that might be something else in the attic but social media is changing the whole ball game of how people are positioning on how brands haven't position how brands have been trying to set themselves on the social networking sites.

 I usually believe that the 6 strong approaches to social media marketing and these are those 6 on the purchase one bandit challenge to close communities influencer outreach co creation social selling and customer service let's look at them in detail. Now let's get back to what exactly is banned retention. That is basically one of the most important element today in the distance and because it helps you in doing your corporate communications we can hear the Facebook pages that could double the speech I Lincoln business speech instead of business speech this is a bad idea to be out there so that we can communicate on behalf of Frank many brands across the world across this country have been using social media just to communicate with the stake holders with the employees with development issues as well as with people who is going to be the prospect of customer so they all in all it was created a baronet channels and it's really important to have a channel have you been a communication channel so that you can do never look up a piece of communication. 

Which is very important to creative and engagement many office today go to domino's pizza chuckled what does the decent awful really awful school in Chicago on the mantle what's the new cool and what kind of communication that they have been doing we will take our publishing houses to see what's the latest news in the town so basically every channel and sells different booking so you have to identify the tone of communication you have to figure out what's the 19 you have to put that particular seats accordingly considering how you want to position your brand on the internet space. By the very bottom because it is a business identity today it's like you own it also you have a website and you need to have your branches okay social media is that you might want to have a gun just because people are more likely to see your practice and not great you had also. Your your batches your stories out in the market is more visible bang your head office so Facebook business pages Lincoln business pages Twitter for business and stuff off of business provides all of these are your branches all day where you communicate with your customers I a prospect of buyers. One of the full social media channels available to them so that you have a unique phone communication many businesses okay try to do something in the off line at the same point of time to try to do something in the online space and that is to sync up when you are getting a good price moves on a flight and you're doing hoardings across the city you're reading newspaper advertisement you do radio jingles you might see a lot of people showing interest in what are you trying to communicate but I you try to run seem kind of advertisements on the online platform you immediately see conversions why because people have seen your ads people have made about you people have heard about you but it's time for them to react and the reactions are more likely to decrease in social media so you ask the bad need to have a better chance you and your business needs to have channels out there in order to communicate with businesses if you have this questions on how many channels to that I have it really depends upon the purpose of your business it depends upon how many businesses of all have similar identities how many a different besides 200 the same point of time for example we work with some of the groups that they have to ready do you have real estate you have to not know this I might want to have one communication channels from the corporate communications back to see when I went when I might want to have individual communication channels for each of the lines of business because all of these would like to connect with different audiences and different piece of communications usually the bottom because of judging you offices on Bama Janice is still campaigns contests month on month growth wasn't the job engagement and liability of the content if you are creating a presence on social. Dumping the contents of the sequel stopping content it's not social media marketing if you're trying to be on social media I need trying to pose some interesting content peace out there and you're making a beach a larger audience and you make them engage with the content based that exactly is social media marketing if you have a goal in on what you want to achieve what's the number you want to reach out to that exactly is social media marketing for you. 

Let's look at example also read his managers out here. This is open to his Facebook page which is managed by my team. And the speech Dr lot about the Milan it also help with your merchant because other countries like no strong position as one of the company listed B. doesn't change so this committee has set the team to communicate about the city this committee has set the team to reach out to Latin audience and talk about it for example if you look at the kind of communication that tweet to heal we talk about home buyers but so now we create content basically that can help home buyers so that different quantum buckets but you. 

Talking about Qantas so there is a nobody no contest which is being developed. And then get out content the Clinton chose for home buyers. We talk about special niece. 

We talk about genetic stuff that you could connect with. We talk about things to do in Chennai places to eat into negative we can connect with the emotions of people in. Chennai. And ended up pieces of communication which has got to do a lot with the branding of the business it has got a lot to do with what they're trying to sell right now so this is one of those examples this is my Facebook page which has cost about 47000 follows the ideas we simply I basically used to speech to create advertisements and inform people about my workshops I feed this junk basically to ensure that IT children will be put in.

 And talk to them about digital marketing hello my blogs gets promoted using this platform and I try to invite more people on this channel to communicate with me quite often so that is this content chunk that I talk about specialties but everything is evolving on on digital marketing savagely mocking this accord and the communication channels. Okay. This is a good example it is one of the brands if you follow which has cost about 1000000 subscriber 10000000 subscribers 22000000 subscribers on Facebook page and on the speech we talk a lot about I don't think so.

 When the speech was given to us video life at them but I need to strong positioning from a bad ending point of view because the the business in excess stocks stocks of.

 Because the business basically talked of our lines so if you just keep talking about the right way to channel like Facebook you might not be any entity in the band's self recipe completely created different perspective we stop in educating people about patenting this topic and it did we started making memes funny moments emotions strongly associated with bad ending so this week right from videos to jails to CD's for all of these are invite only consisting one team which was fantastic and as we created that team it could be a lot in the back so you know there's an average every people street just off the coast of people hundreds of shares and thousands of lives every single day for the content which is being shared on this particular.

 So these are all examples of bandages and these random chance. Please your blind I'm business your positioning on the internet space let's look at the second example of a second approach of social media marketing the second up also social media marketing in schools communities W. 

brands invest heavily in Brandon Jones and then there's a smaller businesses would like to create those communities the brand is involved in creating communities of like minded customers and it tried to strike a conversation which is not just one but then many bees make everybody can contribute to the community. 

For the good of the community and everyone's knowledge out there so what happens in the community yes an example is a case to be I have a community out here which I have created on Facebook it's going between marketing question on this anyone and everyone out there who's watching maybe you'll or who's taking up my tools can be part of this community you can join this community and ask me questions about an aspen in the asking questions I respond to that question and that's how the startling conversations if you notice. This is what if you post for me but a lot but a lot of other posts is basically coming from many people from across the country coming back across the world so people start shedding - deadlocks I'll kill and as an admin I accept all detect those questions which I believe is a limit on it element to the community.

 So that's how many T. beast approach where you create a smaller community on the subject and you let everybody else to contribute to it it could also be known as hell for them 6 the 20 bottom abuses to media marketing these pieces into an outreach.

 This is a very popular phenomenon you have seen since 2015 that's an increase in the demand for influencer marketing and business opportunity for each one of you watching this video to become it I'm a blue sweater out of brands from a digital marketing to me to become and stuff like that. I don't want it on the stand to me so I did I did not want them or do a YouTube video or tweet about them on Facebook will subordinate Johnson's legacy so these are 2 different opportunities here one you as a person can become an influencer all you can invite influences for your business when do you have to invite influences.

 When you are a new business and tell your story you can invite all the flood lawless from your city to come and talk about your starting on the blogs and Instagram and Twitter so that's it instant gratification and beyond that that's happening with the help of people what quality public space influencer outreach is our biggest clients people will pretend like these people work with digital influencers and local people in order to meet that communication pieces we still many people out there. The study from influencer marketing let's take a look over some of the.

 That's not gonna help clients in the past and even doing some marketing campaigns then we have the W. so huge influences out there so what he wanted to form relationships with those looking to get popping through and says nobody. So you need a database of all these influences we approached them to meet them my dad's phone numbers addresses and any minorities and then you meet a customized mug this customized mug comes along with a tag which is all your photographs and your user name which is absolute of gene on total so it it just said follow me absolute Jean on Twitter but the photograph and that customize monks they sent to people across the country now this 300 to find abuse what product along with the shipping cost the stock to people a lot of people stopped taking full tools and started reading about daytime Castro times what the part of the wall and there was a whole lot of relationship that was just fall because of the small gifts which was sent to people will already be popular maintenance fees so if you walk into your own brand because a lot of people stopping using cash would not come off the back and started the company guess we're not going to look more people.

 Something which I love about gas or not comes in so it's a marketing campaign most read among will say well but wanted to know which was only broken yesterday and he posted on his chance in the cash flow.com stock becoming an escrow.com thanks but no but no tanks so I think most of this on a solution your channel the CEO from Castlegar come quickly the black to him apologize and he said that's perfectly okay we understand this could be a problem and this call or conversation had spotty got get closer to that. So that is an opportunity in influencer marketing campaign but you need to drive the space walk. So only which is only 1 of the publicly listed vans out to and should not be organized to go with me to inviting about 6072 answers from the city we give them an experience to remember I think speeding in saying that and dive lotus media started tweeting talking about global okay and does block comes as agreed that that was a whole lot of medical conditions business is gone because of what I wanted to spend about over tree into the receipt traction which happens meetings that influences because they only know the brand and it was supposed to connect which was the food was supposed to be a marketing school. You are talking about.

 And you do not want to promote a product because you believe that this fact the product is just too much you don't want to be nice and you don't have an ability to drive. Each. You might not be a very popular brand and you might want to just launch a product a let's hold hands and millions of people in factional feuding and so that you might want to work with some exports influences might have limited reach so there's so many other platforms all day who would want to connect with you and create something magically see you they have creative skills we have ability to lead the dice yelling something magical on this list can get channels already I'm this basically helps you in making your content to just be talk of course for the ones who have been falling that beach based on one of the best examples is TVS which shows which one of which was one of the movies created on entrepreneurship and depression was basically the bank which was endorsed similarly E. ID which is basically creating a lot of reviews across the country also endorses many businesses and brands and you try to create something interesting for them to you as an example that I would like to show you right now. 

So this is an example of critical which is a very popular brand. And the topical. Click okay it was yeah I mean what the data content and which one of them a lot of traction so let's look at it. You. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yeah. C. 54. Yes this is. So this is what. 5555. Actually. These days he said. Yeah sure. Steve Jobs. So. We took. So what. There isn't a place. Cemex it sees as a local team will not find your perfect by up on quick up so that's just an example of how yeah he got associated how quick of got associated with Yankees and can you get the most of. 

Now let's look at the spectacle just to shoot media marketing which is social setting. The reason social setting to. One let's see if people use social media effectively to drive C. I needed to call because you should see a stable and qualify leads now they use social networking sites to educate people engage them and then the stockroom cold calls. This is a result of that found that 91 both of the B. 2 B. buyers are now actively involved in social media and most of the senior exit is secure does in the U. S. market in the UK market useless in the African yup that's an opportunity for you as a business development guy all the seats guy do you still see me yet to say please use it for your custom when intentions you figured out what they have been doing what the likes of means when you're stuck in a conversation with them it's so easy to talk to them for example when I had met a person today it was seats bench and of all the night with him was I just love what you're doing on your Facebook profile and I completely love that particular post of yours and I strongly believe that he would have done you have done this but it looked awesome this week in regards to more engagement in the schools and the political scene was quite impressed I've been following him and that was the reason for me to start that conversation because I've been observing what he's been doing on social media to social media I think great opportunity for you to drive at what is your customer doing and how you can talk to him like you do a whole lot of the 10 you can start the conversation with what with what you hope so from his social media to find out the solution selling has become an important many people send me messages on linkedin and it's like a big state companies that is that we used to send messages to be one way to do that he said what do you want to send second you've tried to strike conversation but then you're dead they would want to serve good what is not so good for them you flushed and then and then you try to sell your business the 2 adults and Lincoln is where you'll find immense opportunities for social setting I've been cleaning companies make the stencils and social setting is very important aspect of business because once you Polish your profile and you position your says you're helping yourself be opposed to Graham and you helping your company by sitting and talking about the products you are talking about the welcome till you talking with the products and services should be. He relaxed because you are treating them and become a social media savvy and induction via helping your business by talking about your business on the internet speeds so please do and show that your team starts learning social setting and become up to what. I also believe there's a different approach to socially social spending is normal just about sending messages to people it is also about effectively using the advertising slap slap full. It is also what I think of using the advertising side of the spectrum thanks Facebook Twitter and linkedin all of these channels have the advertising platforms I don't know if we spoke marketing masterclass online which is a bunch of goals may help people learn how to run advertisements on Facebook and that's quite many popular with people who have been taking the calls a day I teach people there how did your did your needs help you automate does and how do you do your social selling by involving some budgets out something which I've looked they also should we get today you don't have to the only goal I believe in organic because organic is almost dead but I see organic I mean this each also post on your feet it's not going to be massive I listen to your normal sting opposed all day so you have to have a distant goal and how do you believe that your budget and that's what he bought so socially selling today is equally important ask your sushi community management so you need to have budgets to reach out to people growing subscriber bees and driving massive engagement to your social media channels by involving some budgets out there and that's where soliciting comes in but chill they use the shadows flee to the nation all your most temples with help of these advertising explodes on advertising platform all you can become advertising explicate sets. 6 posted social media marketing is customer service many consumers to be on social media channels in order to seek support from businesses. So if you are on social media and also being a customer then there is a challenge because a lot of these customers I'm happy and it stopped talking negative about you all across it's a normal thing to do when you're happy you don't talk about those businesses speaks but when you're not happy you're not satisfied you would like to see that but I'm like talking about your expediency toll on Facebook on Instagram this week does ban someone I didn't listen to you because you're trying to shame them and this is just the general scenario all across the world. But what I'm trying to tell you he'll is customer service one of the most important aspects many businesses like Vodafone acted all young.com what any of these public lands all day the deal customer concerns would be taken so it's very easy to clean and respond to you within 2 hops and it is going to solve your problem as soon as possible so this week the constancy of communication this is a transparency of 40 have to offer you this week there so quick response that you would simply because this is no more to the need to be added to the phone calls it's in politics of customer service has become an important known for social media many businesses don't use branded channels for doing fancy piece of communication that builds listening would be useless in media to lease it gets all customer service. 

When you try to do your social media marketing social media marketing is not for you guys. You have a social media platform. Which is free and you can create your business speech for me but there's a lot of investment the goals in production of content creation summit next point of view from the portals point of view that's one of the biggest asset when you investing in your content your bid investing in massive which is when you want to make sure all the time to do not please go cost conscious because you do have to make investments. You have to invest in tools some people invest in social media management tools some people use and listening to some people do it see out in automation so that our cost in Boston does got designs and designers who works with you so that is cost involved from a graphic designing advertising budgets. The team will manage your social media channels a microsite or landing beach investment I'm an agency or consultancy fees so these are the potential light projects and goals and piece of social media marketing is not free and you have to smoke blown your investments many technical solution we get marketing it's not sweet but then you can utilize your time and spend your time on social media channels to make your business speech to lock will be played and I truly believe this is something that you can known and implemented on your own the Dow in more than a dozen explode all the talking one because the median C. as an individual I would suggest you to bring your and as a business I would suggest you do but I don't D. okay how does your solution yet. With this I and just meet you up there and I would like to just conclude by making one statement the social media marketing is an art also in needing people look interesting pieces of contact it is an art off talking to people to the needs of the media it is an art in order to make your content needs to be put through. Please invest in social media marketing because the

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