How to make money from youtube

 How to make money from youtube

How to make money from youtube

I have been making money on YouTube I think that this is going to be one of the most useful article on this topic that you've ever seen I've done everything completely step by step and I think you're really gonna love the detail and the tips that I'm gonna give you are going to enable you to actually take action and start building your youtube channel will start growing youtube channel faster than you ever thought was possible before so let's start off with a quick overview of mine results and the performance of my channel you can see I'm here inside the channel analytics and my chills views are up 31 percent on the previous period and my channel has been growing I've got 177000 views over the last 28 days you can see that everything is green and the which time is up to subscribers are up you can see that yes there are a good 256 scribe is and if you look at the revenue of my youtube channel you can see that yesterday I had a day weapons $181 we just we need to use your ads with YouTube AdSense on my channel from those ads being displayed possibly on my videos now the first thing that I want to clarify with you G. 

ease that you actually make one a tiny percentage of the money or the rule that I make with you choose comfort ads for example what I mean is I made $2694 we are you cheap ads on my videos but I made many times more that from other ways that I'm monetizing my YouTube videos and my YouTube subscribers so I'm gonna show you all of that in the speedier but I just want to clarify this thing because often times people tend to think that the money that you make from ads shown on the videos ease the money that you make and you should hear it however that's just not true you can make a lot more than the ads and I'm gonna break it all down for you in the seat. If you are new to my channel my name is techvilal welcome to my YouTube channel I'll publish regular media is dedicated to making money online I feel that marketing and blogging so make sure to click subscribe just below this video and enable notifications to never miss my future videos thank you so much and let's get into the media all right so I first of all let's talk about the revenue breakdown so when you have a YouTube channel how can you actually make money well as you can see I make approximately 2.5 to $3000 a month from you choose ads which is quite nice but actually it's the minority of the money that I make in many of my videos argument there is if you get products for example you'll light is then description here I've got a link for people to click and if they decide to join this particular product that I recommend that my commissions so just from that one link in that one media you can see how many daily invitations get accepted and then I make regular recurring commissions some make close to $1000 a month just from that one the deer from that one link in that one media so it can be very very profitable to have your videos that don't even need to have that many views you can make it really a lot of money if you know how to properly monetize you each videos so in essence this money that you make from ads that's nice but that's just a little bonus majority of you reading this really should be coming from recommending if you let products are from selling your own products here is just another example I sell some of my products on my youtube channel this is just one example of one product that I still owe my you tube channel without coupon you ju just so that I nor with the cell has come from you can see how many sales I might and each of these sales is actually worth $200 because that's the price of the product that I'm selling through you too with this coupon so I'm gonna show you will of that will the monetization strategies in this video and even if you have just the small channels you can really make really good money if you know how to monetize your channel. 

Hopefully I mean wanna sleep my channel is still relatively small 85000 subscribers might seem like a lot but there are channels with millions of subscribers out that so my channel is still relatively small and if you look at how many videos I have actually published I have only ever published 116 videos of the 2 years are published whenever H. one video per week so this is very very low effort and they're profitable so step one in the whole process used to find your niche and this is an important step and there was also something very important to keep in mind as I just showed you in the last section of the speedier if you want to make let's say $10000 a month from your youtube channel in reality the breakdown of your income should be something like what you can see here up on the screen about 8 to 9000 of those 10000 has to come from affiliate marketing on the one to 2000 from ads that's just the reality of it it's going to be reasonably hard to make 2000 a month just from as a lawyer okay but if you supplement ads with some I feel it income then you can easily make a lot more money from the same number of you so it makes total sense to focus on affiliate marketing is the primary monetization strategy if we channel this is exactly why when you look at a lot of you 2 videos for example if you search for best you choose to do is set up let's take a look at this first example here in the U. cheap studio set up okay it's had 826000 views but if you scroll down a bit more these media you will see all of these links here are all looking at links so this person recommends these signing a 6400 camera and then he's going to feed it links if somebody buys it from B. NH well from Amazon this person will get paid several percent commission on any purchases so the speed it would have made a quite a bit of money in ads revenue of course if it's monetized what you should ads but it will have made a lot more money just from having these affiliate links because they. Recommending products it's a very very smart strategy so it makes complete sense to start a YouTube channel in the new way you can recommend some affiliate products and if you're completely stuck for ideas they just simply jump over to or to share a depending where you've got an account or register unless platforms it's completely free to register and search for some high performing athletes office because you're gonna be recommending those office in your video so you can look at one of these categories in all of these categories are potential issues for you to choose when you choose as an example if you go into the home and garden category and look at the animal care and pets category you will see some high performing products generally the higher these gravity school the better it is it means that this many units have made sales of this product recently you can see these products your brain training for dogs is just selling very very well you can make $31 per sale on average and it is a really good product to combat so this might give you an idea that perhaps you can start and dog training channel one and channel for dog lovers and you can recommend these product because anyone who has had a dog he's interested in training their dog for example we recently got a puppy and I looked at a lot of videos and I purchased a couple of products that are related to dog training so people are willing to spend money and you could monetize your dog channel with not just ads but also by recommending the subpoena product in your videos another way to find some ideas for you should you choose Easter just Google for them you will find plenty of lists that might be able to give you some ideas for it for example the first one here how to choose the best news for youtube channel you can take a look at the new she's the least that is down here I guess that's just one is that cystic media's gaming product reviews story time videos fashion beauty beauty he's There are so many different products so you can provide so that the stand actually men's grooming kind of falls on the B. 2 categories also read.

 Read a profitable too and this is of course just one list there are plenty more here on Google that you can find and you're bound to find something that will appeal to you however just make sure that there are at least some good if unit offers that you can promote and the waiting list to get these would be just type in some related for example if you're thinking of starting a channel in the dog training you should type that in and take a look at the descriptions or all of these videos and check what kind of product the people in this niche provides and that might give you some ideas as well what if you let products you can recommend to your future Williams step number 2 is to set up your channel I'm not gonna show you step by step the actual prices of creating you should tell because that would be super boring by you can definitely look it up it's just basically going through the steps that you too will guide you through in terms of how to set up the channel the important things here are to make sure that you've got a nice channel but not at the very top so that people can associate your channel with some visuals and will serve under the about section make sure that you write the description that,s the Q. what's on the channel because you too will take that into consideration when they recommend your channel will deter us from the channel to particular audiences step 3 east on the stand the success formula all of you choose so you do have success actually comes down to really 2 things making sure that you have high CTR or click through rate on your videos and that you have a high which time you can get better CTR and bit of which time then some of your competitors your video will do great then you choose let's take a look yet inside my dashboard and you can see that the recent video that I posted a couple of days ago let's look at some of its that's a ranking by views you can see that this is actually the number one media out of the last 10 that I have made you can see that it has made 4.1000 views in its first one day 15 hours whereas others have had. Fuel use and YouTube actually tells you it says views your views are up I can it's got this green arrow and it says impression impressions click through rate has gone these green arrow now if we go into it tell me more okay where it says great needs more people than usual at using your video when it's recommended you will actually explain to you exactly the kind of stats that paying attention to his views I 55 percent higher as people choose your video more often when we recommend it so this is the first part of what we talked about C. 

tiap will click through rates okay so very important if you click through rate is bad then your video just one get as much attention and what is the current determined by it is of course determined by your thumb and also if you go into the video analytics let's take a look at these ones or reach okay you can see that my impressions click through rate is 7.5 percent and these creeks her rights depends on the thumb now see reading it to make sure that you nail your thumbnails and make them as attractive as possible because a lot of my videos have flopped because I didn't do a very good job on my thumbnails for example this video here I actually put a lot of effort into this video that says 2000 part time but I think the thumbnail just was not attractive the click through rate on this was very large and as a result the speediest sort of looked it was one of my worst videos that I've made it's not getting anymore on going views so the next thing here is high which time let's talk about that for a second here is the view of the analytics for the speeder here 300 a day and you can see here I've had 23000 views in just 20 days so basically he's been averaging over 1000 views a day which is really good in my nation and average view duration is 8 or 7 of the reason green arrow so typical for my channel is between 5 and 6 minutes the speedier had 8 minutes which time and this is part of the reason why this media has been successful if we look at the detailed analytics for this video you can see that I. Over the last 40 8:00 hours I had 2276 views OR 1100 views per day one average and these gray area here is the typical media performance my channel and you can see the speed was just went it's just taking off because the which time he's so good and I managed to hold people's attention and of course when people are watching along at you too can show more ads and you too can make more money this video was 31 minutes and 17 seconds and the conclusion here is that you really need to make sure that your videos have a really good which time if your competitors are publishing 10 minute videos and you publish 2 minute videos your videos just will not rank and they will not get views on YouTube and if you publish videos that have a good witch time like this video here then you will look at the analytics you will actually see that most of my traffic is coming not even from search on it 10 percent is coming from search so only about 1100. Sorry only about 110 views per day are coming from YouTube search majorities actually coming from brass features and browse speeches is where this video is featured on people's homepages and it's it's being shown to new ordinances and unite people are seeing it people are clicking through on it and they're watching for a long time so you choose nor is that the speedier at tracks people's attention and it also keeps them watching and they're showing that on the brow speeches on the suggested videos which is on the right hand side you're probably familiar with that other videos that are related to this topic where you do things that viewers might be interested in my media it shows might be due and it's getting clicked so I CT are very important and if you done very very important step for easy to find keywords and topics for your videos there are quite a few different ways to find topics for 18 years and I'm gonna give you several times yeah so the first one is probably the most obvious but it's also the most powerful and that is to use the search box so a couple of things regarding the search box let's say you wanted to start a channel about dog training so you can just type in dog training and then you will see all of the suggestions that you should gives you these are all popular topics and each of them can be a topic for a different media for basics dog training tricks dog dog training with the clicker dog training will recall I guess how to train for regal dog training collar all of these are separate video ideas you can take it one step further you can start putting in Hey and that will give you everything that starts with Hey doc training everything starts with after it then B. then **** Now put D. Now you might be thinking I K

 but dog training down,and eat potentially a lower search volume keyword okay because it doesn't come up in one of the top suggestions afterwards and that is perhaps true but let me show you something as I showed you before. With these particular video example so I'm getting 1000 views a day and only only 10 percent is coming from you troop surge the rest is coming from brown speeches so as long as you via I dress is a real need that your target viewers have then you will get views on your videos from a variety of sources not just from sewage but also from brow speeches from suggested videos and from other places as well sorry you can absolutely make videos for all of these topics here dog training for final dog training for those dates don't training provided leading they're all excellent ideas for you should be asked to take it one step further you can go to the start dog training and put it on the school here and that will actually give you everything that starts with some kind of a way that that has dog training at the end see here police dog training people dog training Labrador dog training German shepherd dog training so all of these words it's not substituting before dog training one more way to find key words used to use this service here I'm not gonna pronounce it because it might be considered a profanity or rude way that when you choose but it's Q. what S. H. I. T. T. E. R. all right and the way it works is you put in your queue it cannot say help training and then you press this button here and it will give you all of the suggestions once again so it it will keep going it'll give you thousands and thousands of ideas it's completely free toll and you can see that just in a few seconds he came up with so many different suggestions dog training boarding dog training courses okay so it eats doing these weeds the same thing this suggestion but it's sort of one of my internet and it pulls out everything from the search bar so it's going to give you a ton of amazing ideas that you can make videos on before I kind of commit to a Q. what they make a deal on it I also tried to do some. Basic research to understand that the reason actually real demand for this topic and that is by let's take a look at these Labrador dog training and that is by checking the number of use for some of the top video so we can see here training a Labrador retriever poppy pop 1 has had 1.3000000 views of the 5 years so there is really good search volume here and demand and interest from US 7000000 views okay 320 1000 views in 3 months so that's 100000 views per month so for example here I can see that I make a video or Labrador training that's actually a popular topic and the video was in this topic are actually getting a lot of use if yes I keep scrolling down I can see the rock even the bottom videos I getting a lot of you 60 7000 views 10000000 views at citrus of these definitely looks like a very popular topic that is absolutely worth making videos about however if you typed the scene and you saw that these videos dying or maybe just the top 1 has got like 50000 views and the rest have got almost 9 views then this is not a very popular topic and you probably should start again and look for another key what step number 5 is to make a good media and I know a lot of you are thinking well growing that's easy to say make a good video but it's actually hard to make a good video well let me show you a few things that I think are going to be very very useful for you and will help you make a good video the first thing that I do ease I watch if I'm not sure about what the topic Eason and exactly what I need to be talking about in the media I actually watch the top 23 or maybe even 5 videos and so you would I've been a mop and a little tea for you can watch on double speed you might already know this but played the back speed just put it to double speed and in this case came through but I understand what the video is about and actually take notes and light document after you take notes on that media you might see something like this well you've got a structure okay you've got the introduction types of training for the Labrador poppy timeline for training so went to stop and to finish what. What kind of training to do when first,nd to teach and lost a toilet training okay as an example then just do the same thing for a couple of other videos and you will get the outlines what are they actually talking about any construction running video that someone as well the next step about you should be your creation ease take a look at the length of the CDSA here forever little dog training I can see that these 27 minutes this 1 is 13.5 4816 so I would probably aim to make might be due at least 15 minutes long maybe 13 to 15 minutes long because I want to be about the same length as some of the all the longest videos simply because like we talked about it out in the detectors watch time is very important and longer videos tend to get a logo which time so you want your media to be at least as long as the longest videos of your competitors and why is that well F. 4 minute video like these will never get as much which time has a 13 minute video all right and this is why we can see that these video or even if somebody which is 100 percent of these 4 minute video and somebody which is on high off of the 13 minute video hop on the 30 minute video is 6.5 minutes per view and this 4 minute video just cannot compete remember you chip wants significant watched on the longer the which time the better your video is going to do because they have more of a chance to show the ads and everyone's gonna make more money to actually make it easier if you can use free software you can use a software called or B. S. I've been broadcasting the software to record your screen to record yourself to record the webcam as you are making the videos and then you can use another free program called keep film great you can just use the free version of it to edit the video so you thank it for each with a B. S. 

and then you edit it using his expressed uterus to just cut out all of the bad beats for the media . Keep the camera rolling as you're speaking and you can make a mistake. They just pause and then. Say it again and then sit again until we get it right that's what I did and then it it out sort of cut out all of the bad deeds from via step 6 is to make a good thumbnail and I'm gonna show you some of my tips and tricks for how to make well something else they get really high click through rates if you look on my channel and you scroll through all of the videos you can see that my thumbnails have gone through mediations and different other types of mutations over time because I've experimented with lots of different types of thumbnails lots of different designs in general I can see that the performance all of my videos he's pretty closely linked to thumbnails I tried this kind of design and the CDO plopped on a 3.1000 views in 3 weeks I generally find that that's something that stands out seems to do really well sorry my thumbnails we at purple background like this they generally tend to do pretty well simply because when people look at them they really jump out at the people so I call up that he's conscious thing something like.

 I have a bright green collar generally does well perhaps a bright yellow yellow has done pretty well for me as well I've done a few years with the yellow background and they tend to rank long term pretty well as well you don't need Photoshop to make thumbnails you can use a program called Canva and you can see here some of my old thumb nail designs and they actually did pretty well all of these videos that I've made for example how to get traffic from Pinterest that go out of the 50000 views it's a pretty simple thumbnail template and qualities is just a screen divided into 2 houses like these and then the laptop is dedicated to the text and then the right side has got my father I didn't even remove the background I didn't know how to do it back then when I started I just took a photo of me on some white background behind me and this is how may be some now and as you can see these videos are actually some of my most popular videos sorry this one has had 61000 used 56000 views 48000 views so definitely these kind of thumbnail is completely fine and it'll work great for you if you don't have design skills you can just jump onto 5 up 5 I will make some notes for you generally a full 5 box we even less they've got some big discounts these guys can make really good thumbnails for $5 a pop or even less so this is definitely a good if you don't want to spend the time what have you just not very good with design I'm not very good with design I still do my thumbnails but I'm not very good at it but you know you can just jump on to 5 and what up one of these gigs here step 7 is to write a description of the step is vital so don't skip it I'm gonna show you a few tips okay so go with the example or people making video full Labrador dog training you can see that wall all of these Labrador dog training videos have gone the way it's Labrador and dog training somewhere in the title or in the description and this is not accident you have to make sure if you want to be found one U. G.. If you have to make sure that you include your key phrase into your title and into the first 3 lines of your description Sir let me show you what I mean said these beat here if I was targeting Labrador dog training I'll probably call my video something like Labrador dog training then to not so cynical or whatever that thing is called and I would say how to quickly and easily train your Labrador puppy. 

Okay and that way I cover up my key words in the title and then in the description here you can see that there are first 3 lines of the description and these first 3 lines of the description is where you will also need to put your key word as well as any variations for example the brittle dog training it might be how to train your Labrador Labrador puppy training and Labrador dog training in case you would somehow work all of those variations into the description when you click show more and these weapons up it doesn't really matter much what comes up underneath it the first 3 lines are the most important you should have also stated that on the day training guides this is what you choose mostly pays attention to the first 3 lines that come before these view more tab step 8 is monetization finally we getting to how to actually make money from you via so the first part of my position is as you can see that in the lifetime of my channels in the 2 years 22 years I have made 35000 U. S. in ad revenue from my videos and this is as we spoke about earlier in the day just a small part of the total amount of money that I'm making each year and also should be just a small pot of money that you will make with your youtube channel because majority of your income really should come from affiliate marketing however it's still important and in order for you to qualify for a to have ads shown on YouTube videos you need to kill it at least 1000 subscribers okay and you need to also accumulate at least 4000 which Alice so you need to start uploading the videos start get interviews targeting the subscribers once he hit the 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers which we take very long as long as long as you consistently upload high quality videos then you can apply to become a U. G. pop not and you can start showing ads on your YouTube video so that prices take a couple of days off piece of meat you walk I channel for approval and then you'll get approved after. You were proof one of isolation you can go into the monetization tap when you're planning your media and choose the monetization options I can see my monetization is going I am able all types of ads I put an ad before media and after you do it if you if your video is 5 to 10 minutes you can also play ants during media and I normally place the manually and you can see that this video has got 3 spots of these dots here they are ads slots that I've allocated now you too will not sure ads in all the sports this is just some options and usual they Carol the best viewer experience to even if you put in let's say 10 ads throughout the media you too will learn to share some of those ads and they'll make sure that the user experience is not negatively impacted sorry be bold be brave with it adds in the middle of the media it doesn't mean that every you know if you put in and out every 2 minutes it doesn't mean that there's gonna be a video ad that's gonna get played every 2 minutes to the viewer you trick takes care of that the second way of course the most important way really to monetize YouTube videos ease through putting links into the description sorry any of your as you're writing the description when you're uploading it make sure that I'm here when you go to click more you are inserting the links to the targeted products that you're looking to promote so for example if we are making video about a dog training then I might be providing these brain training for dogs so what I would be doing is clicking this button here per March to get my feet it link that'll open up these dialogue and that will give you my feet ink so I will generate my feet at link and I will say you choose just so that I can track the source of the sales that will give me this link so we'll take this link and you can then insert this link in your future video description are they here you know if this is a little bit obviously you can use link shopping solution such as for example beat.leasing can just sign up B. Dudley and that will make your next. Kind of pre T.

also see how often I'm inserting these long oddly link from click my car he if I got shortened that will give me a much shorter link much better looking link so I can just then thank the sling and instead all that long I think I can answer the short nice looking link into my needed description of him all you really need to do is just put in some kind of text that says resources learn how to train your dog quickly and simply and then insert copy and paste that link and you've done a lot of people who are gonna be watching a video they'll scroll down here and then we'll click that link and many of them will buy the product that you recommend don't be afraid with if it links everyone doesn't for example the speeder here you can see if I click on it the rock affiliate links I think yes or all of these are accurate links whenever somebody buys these foods the owner of this video will make money it's completely normal these days to have those links in it could be yours if you haven't got my free affiliate marketing course then make sure to check the description below the speedier and get it right now it's free thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy these drop me a comment below and let me know what you thought after that make sure to watch these videos just above me and subscribe to my channel as well thank you for

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