How to make money on YouTube

 How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube what's happening everyone this is reckoning guide to get in and look at and in this article today I'm going to show you some simple ways to make as much as $100 a day or more when you choose using 4 simple steps I'm techvilal break it down for you she everything step by step on screen so you can just follow along and implement it time and time again if you like these kind of article about how to make money online simple ways to make money then subscribe to my channel just below this media also if you that notification subscription bell I can so that my new year's going straight to your inbox that's why you'll never miss my training article in the future also hit a quick luckily speedier drug may come in below let me know what you thought of the speedier and let's get into the details this. 

All right so here is how this works is going to be talking about how to make money on YouTube and we're going to be using affiliate marketing just in case you're not familiar with the field of marketing I think marketing is a great way to make money online even if you do not have your own product and the way that this works ET is that a lot of people every single day are searching for tons of information when you choose as well as on Google researching different things that they thinking that they're thinking of buying so one such tool I'm just techvilal give an example here and there are hundreds of thousands of these kind of tools and products that you can make videos about he's convicted so convicted is actually a great way to respond the system that I personally use myself so that's why I decided to use that as an example and a lot of people are thinking well maybe I should use convertkit and what they do is they go to you tube and they type in different things related to convict kid into you chip right so if you can see as soon as they start typing in convicted you too of course gives us suggestions right. 

So one of the suggestions that caught my eye hi is this convicted this is a web so think about these if someone is researching a particular product they are very close to buying it are you you following what I'm saying to you they just looking for things like email marketing tips or something like that they're not close to buying the product but if they are looking at convicted versus anyway but that's a very specific search them which means that these people are actually really really close to buying by the convicted for a women I would say probably convicted because they just typed it in first all right so a lot of people will start typing in Kentucky and then choose convicted this is a web or maybe they'll just even typing convert kit this is anyway but into the future all right now here's what's going to happen they will see articles they'll probably click on some of these article like this one here.

 And you will see that when they come to the speedier the res link okay convert converses ever a without which should you choose here is why we switched free convertkit demo now the sling guys again just in case you're not familiar with it is marketing this is an affiliate link so if someone clicks on this link and then signs up for convertkit they this person that made the CD was gonna be credited with the sale simple as that and of course the cells are recurring you know I'm playing.

 By the $200 a month currently for convertkit I think they're offering 30 percent recurring C. $60 every single month for everyone who sent us why this link all right you think about these you sum up 10 customers. And that kind of price that's $600 every single month this is going to keep coming into your account because it's a recurring product you know that's why it's important to be promoting a high quality off by now that's in a nutshell how this works I'm gonna break it down every single step for you but I just wanna make sure that first you actually understand just think if you continue to feed it marketing you understand the concept behind it and the power behind it okay so now let's do the step by step so I'm just prepared this little slide here we are outlined every single step of all for the whole prices for you guys.

 So our office the ease of course to find a great I feel it for fun these great I feel it all fought simply he's just a product and they're all like I said there are thousands of these products they can promote in any needs that you can possibly think of it can be a health supplement can be bodybuilding supplement can be yoga pants can be anything you guys want like literally anything just whatever you're interested in. 

So how do you actually go about finding that great if you let all fun so that will of course depend on the state you guys I mean I'm gonna give you 2 examples you can then sort of expanded to other nations if you want to so one of those examples in the nation a previously done really well in myself before ease of bodybuilding and you so supplements are huge they cost a lot and the it's not uncommon for people to spend 2 or $300 is on dole as a patriot and he can make you know even if you just can just make 10 percent or purchase price of a supplement that's you know 20 or 30 Bucks right then okay so as an example of what you want out of all of this what you want is the brand name because that's the most targeted traffic so here for example if I come to the you can actually sign up for their affiliate program here there is a program I think you have to finance I think they've got their program on the commission junction when I was promoting them that's where they would be for you can go ahead and sign up to start making commission but basically you can take that 9 since the 6 or any other name yet but they've got thousands of supplements that you can make article about them. 

Okay so that would be how you go about it in the health and the safety just thanks in the 6 you can actually open up these tools and it's a free tool I K. W. you can register it's completely 100 percent free obviously can use by paid keyword tools but you don't have to do that at all you can just start out with the with these free edition and a few plugins into 6 I've already done the research for so you don't have to wait you'll be able to see that it gives you different suggestions here okay like since it seems the 6 protein see the 6 H. pricing power and so on so you can see that the rulers there's a lot of different searches that people are searching for and then they searching for one of those kind of Q. and you can make videos one actually on all of them the other thing that you can do he is the other example that I'm gonna give you know the new sh he's online marketing tools okay and that's the niece that I'm have got quite a lot of material out there wanting to make a lot of money in and let's go with this example convertkit okay if I plug in convertkit into key that K. W. find the tool you'll be able to see that it gives me a lot of examples here as well say convicted pricing and that could I feel it and so on so this message is that people do on on Google docs you know people search for roughly similar things on YouTube as well obviously not exactly the same but roughly roughly similar so for example if I go in in that instant the 6 here you can see it says H. review H. praising Crispin song and that's very similar to what that topping into here okay. 

So now. You can do the same thing a lot of other nations you can obviously you know if you're not sure where to even start looking you can use this on the website pulled off of and you can search in a lot of different ways and we're gonna get into it in this video but if you're really stuck and not sure where to find affiliate products for office for your niche just jump on to offer bold do this search is there it's just like a little bit of time to load but it's far from spent like this and you can find them them all right so we've now got downgraded Philip often for the purpose of this tutorial I'm going to go ahead with convicted but hopefully you got the idea guys now I'm gonna find local petition Q. and so how do we do this alright sorry the convicted has told us with example of convicted I can't it's given a school of these kind of key words what the other thing that I can do it and then I like to do is go to here and start typing convert kit and you can see that I've gots different ones for convicted demo like someone who wants a demo of conduct it is probably very very interested in buying convertkit let's just take a look at these convertkit VS Hey wait up all right so what are we seeing here we seeing here.

 Like I was mentioning to you guys that we need to find a local position key words now how do we know that this competition is actually like he would well this is how you know it so gonna type in we're gonna put brackets around these convicted VS a web.

 And I'm gonna scroll down and see how many of these articles are exactly convicted versus Hey what about in the title so this one is conducted via say what this 1000. This one doesn't this one doesn't this one says the other way round a with this convicted this one doesn't really so they get less and less relevant the further we go along so really the only one article can you believe it only one media at all all of these videos actually matches convicted VS a web. Interesting right means super low competition limits IDC convicted B. S. A. Weber into Google what do I see here. 

I see the same article. The same media that's ranking number one on you too he's also ranking on page one of Google and how difficult the thing for you guys would be to rank your blog like one of these websites one page one of Google it would be very difficult close to impossible let me tell you that because. This 93000 results and you know it. It's much easier to make a short video and then find yourself on page one of Google then to write a blog post create a website on all of those kinds of things so that's the power of you cheap Google loves you too because Google or YouTube so you will be able to get these kinds of results like the CD is not even relevant it says a web review and comparison services alternatives but there on page one of Google jumps then the power of these hi this is.

 Insane this is freaking insane that's why I'm just I'm I'm so excited about you know the Smith and I've done a lot of these kind of thing before and I think that anyone can really pick this up and do it anyway so getting back to these so I'm moving on so we've found a lot of competition he would you know they say whether this is the best get well this the this guy Justin brown put out the CO 2 years ago he's only had 2.7000 years so only about 1000.5 to yeah but not not don't let that worry you because so many people that will watch that article will actually clean that click that link and sign up and your job is to produce the simple media as you can see it's just 7 minutes I can just do a lot of them just do a lot of them you know if you put out 5100 of these videos it's not gonna take a long time and can quickly scale is up to a full time income just as long as you can see is that as you can see to rank on page one for these kind of key words is simple there are people who only got 1000 subscribers 377 subscribers you know those kinds of things are extremely low competition this super targeted you don't need a lot of used to make money and to make sales. So after that you will need to create a simple YouTube video okay so now we know it that we want to create a video for convicted VS they want us to how do you actually go about creating a simple you too dear once again there are thousands of different options for you guys to do this and you know you can buy video tools you can use free media tools if you're first starting out of course I personally recommend to use the free video so good 3 media totally schooled screencast O. matic. 

Eats even for a premium version it's certainly I think $15 pay yes it's very very cheap but you can do free version as well and it's good enough it does media is up to 15 minutes for a free version if you like to want to upgrade you can spend $15 on a premium version all right and you can just use the screencast O. matic. The functionality to create your own video they do not have to be complicated they do not have to be professional you do not have to be on camera you can just do some nice lies like I've done here you know gets a nice now point or Google presentations document and just do slides do a bit of voice so he can buy some of the voice of it just doing it video and talk about the product you know talk about convicted this is able to do a little bit of research you need to hustle a little bit you know this is obviously not something you push a button and money comes out you need to do a little bit of work but it is very very simple it's much easier than working 9 to 5 for the rest of your life sewer. 

Once once you've done this video you know you like I said you can do it in in screencast O. matic you can do various other programs you basically it from that point on you will need to put your affiliate link in the description the other thing you can do by the way sorry just to backtrack you can see what all the guys have done what they talked about you know just write down some points and talk about the same things in your own video. 

And you need to make a strong call to action at the very start of your video you need to say if you decide to pick this up through my link you know the link is in description below or just see how other people do it put it put it in the actual description put your feet in here in the description. And after that you will need to upload a video to YouTube. Putting all of the times the descriptions and and so on so you basically need to actually apply that media put in the title putting the sexual word in the title convertkit this is a way by which one is the best email marketing services something like that put yourself in the shoes of the view up and tell them at the start of the media and the end of the media that the link to sign up in the description below you can also offer a bonus this is an extra tip this works really well because why should someone join through your link and you can offer people a bonus okay you can say if you sign up for my link send me an email to my email address send me the receipt to my email address and I'm going to give you a bonus of ex wise it think about what a valuable bonus would constitute an offer your view was a bonus that will increase your conversions because they might even look some other some other reviews but they'll come back to you to buy if you are for a good bonus. 

Okay and then you just rinse and repeat guys so you need to think about this is not you gonna make one be doing you gonna be reach from that one media you need to think about consistency and you need to put out 2 to 3 videos a week and you need to target all of these different kinds of. Mmhm product names within your niche and you need to cover them all you took to cover them all once you've got let's say 100 of these videos. And each of them might only beginning let's say 10 use a di okay and that's on the low side attendees a day 0 videos I'm gonna get you 1000 extremely extremely targeted money making use and I'm I'm being conservative here all right a lot of these people will then click on the affiliate links and they will buy from your links and that's how you make the money that's the overall system. That's 8 guys that's the whole system like I said he's pretty straightforward there's only 4 steps anyone can stop these very quickly it's not like in the first money as well as scaling up to $100 a day or more passive when you choose you can build a huge channel now if you guys like to get future kinds of videos like that with methods similar to this one that make sure that you subscribe to my channel they should be and I can see in the top left of your screen also grab my free course check the links in the description below just click here on the screen and you can also take the little notification subscription I can offer you subscribe to my blog to make sure that you get notifications straight into

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