Make money with affiliate marketing

  Make money with affiliate marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing

how to make $100 a day as an affiliate marketer I'll show you the methods that I have personally used to make 5 out $154000 on JB's Jenny is it is just one of many networks that I promoted once I'm going to share with you the jeeps that I personally used to make consistent on in the day sales on multiple affiliate networks like which you can see here on the screen my name is techvilal containing Kerr I run the future telekinetic blog got way out I publish regular article on internet marketing how to get traffic to websites and blogging site if you're not a subscriber yet then please make sure to subscribe just below the speed here click the subscribe button and take the bill that to get you I can so you never miss my future article

 let's get into it first of all I want to show you what it is that I actually do to make these consistent sales they just keep coming in every single day on multiple looking at networks I make I feel that sales one at the time of my websites are run 5 different websites when I publish various content and I make a few that sales but for today's media I just want to show you an example all of my website named that's Hassel sore the domain for that ease that's and on this website are published a lot of different information I make money from AdSense on this website but in particular the method that I want to focus on today is publishing product reviews eat is extremely profitable and I've just done a search here right on my website so that you can see the different types of reviews that I've published over the years you can see it's W. B. Article

machine review printed their review profit ascension review so basically I've published reviews of various products by software and training courses in the internet marketing needs and that is done really really well for me every time I publishers you buy make consistent sales so I just want to walk you through these methods of making money making affiliate commissions by publishing reviews on your website that's going to be the focus of.

 Today's media here is how this works check this out so as soon as someone publishes a new product to the marketplace a lot of times the products get what's called a marketing buzz people start talking about it on different people who have email lists and social media following they start recommending this product for a commission to that what he ends and the internet starts buzzing right and people start searching for the reviews of that product so for example one of these products that I published a review for ease name video sometime so if we thought being media or similar reviews okay like these into Google you can see that the very first website that actually comes up in Google search results he's guess who's website it is my website that's sorry once they type that in they see that my website is the number one review a lot of people will click through most people actually click on the very first result and then they will land on to my website on that that's now you can see I've published a review here it's nothing super complicated I'm just going to headline I've talked a little bit about what it does you know how do we get the traffic how it helps people get traffic and then I've got my video as well but that's totally optional a lot of my reviews do not have videos and then there was a binding so this is just my feeling and then I've got a little bit more information about the product so I what it is that it does it's a tool that allows to research local position he weds it'll show a difficult able what so then I talk about how you can actually get traffic using video Sephora and then I'm describing exactly how it works how it keeps getting the traffic that I've got the present consulate of a summary and description of the pricing so nothing super complicated just you know I'm a reasonably decent quality review and published on my side and I'm ranking on page one for it I mean it's not just me who makes money this way if we look at another review arbitrage high roller related reviews if we go. 

Go for that with that one unfortunately I did not rank on page one but a lot of other people did and I actually nor a lot of these people I know it mock gray who runs this website the wolf of online he actually makes it really really comfortable leaving from from harm just by publishing reviews on his blog there is internet marketing products another person of mine I've actually met him in person another friend of mine he's his name is not flat and he lives in Portugal so that's he's blocked out of log he managed to rank father Josh high rollers well see if you open up their reviews for example just to see something different they follow a similar structure again nothing complicated just a good decent quality reviews so this is mark grace review okay that's what he's published it's not too long he's got his affiliate links on it as well if we look at the next one down in the least the Banja method reviews so I am ranking on page one for a tolerant for I'm you know I think very good proportion I like more than half of the reviews that I try to publish I manage the rank for and the banking method review once again I'm ranking he also whenever someone searches for it they will get on to my website and that we read my review and as you can see once again nothing super complicated just a decent review my favorite links I've met a lot of money from the bang out method prom I so just to show you I'm here inside my were a plus account and you can see that from the bank and method pro mark I made 1630 twos that's pretty good you know and that review didn't take me very long the other problem that I showed you was video Samara all right so for that fourth of idiocy moment $773 so I mean again it only took like a couple of hours Max to make so it's totally worth it all right well now you've seen my case studies you've sort of seen the proof you know that these wax so now I want to show you 2 different ways well that was for sorry 2 different ways of actually making these reviews and the first way is going to be kind of like a manual way that. You can get started pretty much for free I'm not gonna cost you anything to stop and you can start putting out these refusing to stop making money I'm sure in least a lot of people and it actually worked really well for them so many people all my channel have made that first money from this method so I know that you're gonna love it and then the second way that I'm gonna show you how to do this is a little bit more automated it involves as software and this like some also cool training there was well and you know if you prefer to kind of save the time you can go for that second method such let's start with the first method which is the manual method the simple the free method of making these reviews so step one is very simple it is to find a product for you to promote I actually recommend for you to try something different and to go to and to have a look at what kind of products are launching in the next 7 to 14 days in the next one to 2 weeks this is a calendar that we each lists all the upcoming software launches so for example you can see that on the left side on July 14 okay you've got that now and it didn't G. 

launching these one called click bank profits they raise you know there are other launches on July 14 is this there's a lot of launches happening every single day this drama because there is a coupon on been Mari fi lunch at citrus so all of these are actually products and you can look at what kind of products are going to lunch so that you can prepare your review and publish your review on your website before this product even goes live because there's going to be less competition that way you know not many people work in advance or you can type in your review for Leeds gorilla alright before anyone else for example let's just check leads gorilla alright it's not being used during the review I bet there's not going to be a lot of reviews hi it's there's one review please gorilla this is the second one that's been published third one. But they pretty much are nor more.

 You know like this last result there's not many reviews so if offer these products if you published your review way ahead you're gonna be one of the first people to show to Google some kind of content that contains leads guerrilla review and you gonna have an advantage that's a big big secrets big secret weapon that you can use a lot of people finally publish reviews for products that have already been launched by then there's a lot of competition so it's always a good idea to work in advance wanted to we can advance and have a look at all of these listings if you like the product then create the review for it a little bit in advance so the second thing for you to do is let's say we do want to provide these leads gorilla all right so you would just click on to this listing there's always something cold leads guerrilla JB page here this will contain a lot of the information pretty much everything that you potentially need to provide the product you need to request your affiliate link very important so just click on these your affiliate link and that will allow you to go into whichever platform you're promoting on like this one for example ease and JB's all right so you just need to login and request your affiliate link you'll have an option to apply for your affiliate link then you would you can also review all the information about this product actually dies how it works there's generally going to be some kind of a demo V. D. R. on the product that will show you exactly how it works or at least some really good solid information see there is a demo here so you can actually watch like a 4 minute Damar all of these products to see exactly how this works so that's also very very powerful you can often preview the south pages well see here is a sales page preview well that sort of stuff now after you apply for your affiliate link it's very important for you to get in touch with the vandal this is going to be contact information so you can see here there is Adrian Dan and Christian so they've got this kind of contact so you need to get in touch with them and contact them and let them know that you have a. Applied for this product and you would like to be improved to promote very important this personal touch will ensure that you actually get approved because quite often then this one that work we feel it's that they know if they see an unknown name and there's been no contact you might not get approved so very important always try to get in touch with the van door and let them know how you going to be promoting it and I ask them to approve you the next thing that you will need to do Easter ride the actual review so now as I mentioned earlier in the article this is what I'm showing and now it's kind of like the manual way of doing this I'm also like the running the media I'm gonna show you the what I did way we don't even have to write these reviews I can't but for now let me show you how to write the review site you can totally use any of my template if you go to that's and have a look at the reviews that are published just use these as examples because these reviews as you already saw they already rank right so they good enough to to rank in Google I can like the banking method review already showed you eat it ranks so these style this format of reviews works really well the other great person for you to learn from he's my gray who runs the wolf of online marketing so you can look at any of his reviews he's reviews are amazing they I would say that probably better than mine he he's very good at structure he's refused in a way that they're actually rank in Google like pretty much full of his refusal rank in Google for example you know if we look at the voice bell reviews this one here. You will see that most likely he ranks you on page one the other will fall on marketing voice ball review so I just learned from him learn from me from my website structure your review in a similar way you can see here you know the way that he's done it as well he's just describes all of the different sections exactly how it works it's a trip now a couple of tips on how to make sure that your review ranks first of all he needs to be at least one to 1.5000 words long your review will generally do well if it is the most in depth reviews out there on page one okay and most people write short reviews so if your website is new you want to write a review that's at least kind of like one to 1.5000 maybe even 2000 words long so it needs to be in depth needs to cover the information in a lot of depth. Google prefers to show in depth content so there is another review out there that only has 500 words and your review shows 2000 words Google will give you preference because they want to serve the most detailed information to users so that's the first date the length of the review the second thing that you need to pay attention to ease your on page so cold as you are so if you're targeting the time the banking method review. Or if you're targeting the time voice ball review it needs to be in your headline first of all okay so that's first of all secondly you want to mention it a couple of times in your in the in the actual body of your refused to mention the bang and reviewed the banking method review sorry a couple of times in here I just like mom does he mentions it in in he's text of his review as well then of course you need to insert your affiliate link so you can get that form up from my website as well just to see where I end so those I feel it links and that will help you rank so as soon as as long as you do this about 5 to 10 days before the lunch actually goes live these gives enough time to Google to spite a website to find your content to actually index it and to start showing it by the time this lunch goes live your website will already be indexed and it will be included in page one all of our search results as long as you've done everything correctly you know your reviews high quality it's a truck okay so next I want to show you some of the done for you method or publishing these reviews if you guys want to save time there is actually a software that can make your life easier with the writing these reviews because it's got a ton of reviews or any pre made for you by the 40 reviews of products already done some just gonna walk you through all this it's completely optional okay if you just want to stick to the first way of doing it that's fine you don't need to watch any further but if you want to learn this sort of automated way or the done for you way of publishing these reviews then keep watching this is the software that I've been testing myself and it works really really well so if you want to know what software in these the link is in the description below are sorry just take a look at that and you'll find the link to actually access the software it's pretty cheap and it will save you a ton of time so the way this works is once you are inside the software it will already have a website pre made for you it actually also hosts the sides for so if you don't have a website yet the. This software will will host your site okay so for example you want to create a new sites this new websites they can create you just go and new site then you can choose any of the template for example on this template this template of the samples for example you go with these affiliates can want okay so then you just select that and then you need to choose your add on domains on draw so be something like let's say we call let's make money with Greg.okay see if that's available.

 And then let's click add side and that will just go ahead and create a website like this for us and you don't even need hoisting intellectually be hosted by the software okay so here we go we just took a few seconds but we've got this website created Mike money with Greg now here is the cool beats C. just like that with one click if I click on the visit this is a fully done for you affiliate website images amount I said this is a site that already has reviews 48 reviews already published wanted to look at this latest by storyboard view you shooter if you first by drinking market press on so it worthy has reviews for 40 different products and it was done for you just like these in one click now there's these bar at the top of course with the menu options if I open the skin are private we do you know when I'm not logged in so just as a person who's browsing it I will just see a clean website like this so will you then need to do is just insert your affiliate links on each of these posts on its go back and then we just need to go into the done for you post all posts and then it will already have those 40 points see there is 41 parts there are reviews already premade for you for 41 different products and what do they need to do is just ended them and insert your affiliate link for each one of them for example here for story board see there's a review that's already pre written and there will be binding sissy these buttons here all you just need to click on this button click insert edit link and then in here insert your affiliate U. R. L. now for each of them there are actually some pages where you can request your affiliate links for example for storyboard we just need to find it you just go to like DF white pages all pages and then typing story like these that'll feel the for it to see how it says historical point it's also just click view it that will show you exactly where to grab your seat at link so he insists problem I request links to just grab your prom on link okay click on that and that will take you to the page to request your affiliate link so you'll need to fill out your commission to promote it request to prove. 

And once you've got it approved then you go back into the spice and insert your affiliate link and save these boys and this is a completely done for your review of the product just like that it will even have your feet it links inserted straight away so if you guys do want something like that like a solution with 40 completely per my done for you reviews just click the link in the description below are and you can grab the software it's really really good they also hosted for you okay so you don't need to pay for harvesting you don't need to buy for a domain it's it's very easy plus you'll get the 40 down for you I refuse if you want to publish more reviews because this becomes your website okay this is going to be a website make money with techvilal the blue drug that actually becomes like your website how you can use it in the future forever and ever and ever you can publish more posts on it so if you want to to publish more questions just go and you and I guess what there's also training included a case of this traffic training included in him and that will allow you and that will show you how to get traffic to these blog posts from a variety of different sources so that's not just the soft feel to get the training there as well the way that the software works once again just so that you understand is step one will be just select the template all rights for your website once it's done you just need need to enter the name subdomain and niece and then fill in the blanks on the side you toss you deploy the site and as you saw it already creates those border reviews for it then you just need to drive traffic traffic generation is also included inside the software this full training on that so you get these done for you product reviews I can this 40 of them there are custom by this is that I built in as well they can offer you customize the hosting and domain are included so you don't need to buy for hosting ever it's fully cloud based on it once again nothing resides on your site you can monetize it with banners like with ads if you want with Google ads you can add new reviews you've got full control of it blocks you can add delete post if you want to publish more price you totally can it's. 

Comes preloaded with 40 sort of online marketing these products begin. You can get rid of them if you want I can create a brand new website if you want to delete all of them and you can just use it for a different issues well if you want so if you do want to check out the software click the link in the description below you can grab it right now it's still in a very low introductory pricing right now hope you enjoyed this article here a couple of article for you to check out next to just look at the top of the screen also if you're not yet a subscriber click subscribe from the screen or just below the BDO and joined the captain and a tribe thank you so much I'll see 

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